Height increase operation (limb lengthening)

The height increasing procedure is conducted as follows: a surgery of a shin is done under the general anesthesia, where during the process an apparatus of external fixation is applied.

Average time for such surgical intervention is about 40-50 minutes. The patient is ambulant on the following day but usually uses the crutches.

fixation apparatus On the fifth day after the surgery elongation is started by means of dosaged adjusment of nuts in the fixation apparatus (designed by Dr.Ilizarov and modernized by Dr.Yegorov and Dr.Teterin).

Mean extension rate is 1 mm per 24 hours. We have designed a specific computer program ("Osteokinesis") which allows to determine the optimum length for height correction taking into account individual proportions of the patient. In the process of elongation a new bone tissue called "regenerate" is formed.

Removal of the apparatus from the operated extremity can be done after a certain period, which is required for thickenning of the bone regenerate.

height increaseHeight increase up to 6-7cm takes 7months on average. During the treatment the patients are active, they can walk independently with crutches or even without them. Gained surgical experience allows us to successfully resolve the problem of height increase.

The maximum possible height increasing is 7 cm. The age of patients may be from 16 to 60 years.

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