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Correction of deformation in anterior part of the feet ("cones", Hallux valgus)

Main cause of deformations in the anterior part of the feet is the transverse foot spreading, in other words, transverse flatfoot.

General surgical operations could only eliminate the consequence of such disease - just one of the components of deformation of anterior feet part (i.e. toes deformation, "cones", corns, etc.).

Therefore, the results of such operations, as a rule, used to be often regarded as unsatisfactory.

Offered by us, a technique of corrrection deformations in the anterior part helps to eliminate both the consequence and the main cause of the disease - transverse footflat.

We perform transplantation of muscular tendons involved with transverse footarch formation process.

The surgery can be done either under general or local anesthesia. Taking into account low traumatism of the operation we do not utilize plaster bandages.

Patients are able to walk right after the operation. Total time of the treatment including medical assessment is two weeks.

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